The New Healing Herbs

The Essential Guide to More Than 130 of Nature’s Most Potent Herbal Remedies

By Michael Castleman

On Sale: 7/11/2017
Category: Healthy Living
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Pages: 576

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About The New Healing Herbs

Straight from nature’s medicine cabinet, the latest herbal discoveries that cure hundreds of health concerns without the dangerous side effects or high cost of prescription drugs.

When compared to prescription drugs, herbal healing is both safer and more cost effective. In the fourth edition of The New Healing Herbs, you get access to the latest, most up-to-date information about herbal remedies for cures to nausea, the common cold, diabetes, cancer, allergies, back pain, and more. This new edition includes five new herbs, the result of author Michael Castleman’s endless research and dedication to holistic healing. Taking a folklore-meets-science approach, you’ll also explore the rich history of herbal medicine traditions.

Featuring 135 of the most widely used medicinal herbs, including cannabis, The New Healing Herbs shows you which herbal remedy to take for each condition, how it’s taken, what interactions to watch for, and where to buy the featured herb. The easy-to-use Cure Finder organizes herbs by health condition, healing actions, and alternative uses, guiding you to the right herbal remedy for your ailment.

With The New Healing Herbs, you’ll find nature’s remedy for health, vibrancy, and happiness.

About the Author

Michael Cattleman is “one of the nation’s top health writers” (Library Journal). Over the past 40 years, he has written more than 1,500 magazine articles on conventional and alternative medicine. He is also the author of 12 books, including Blended Medicine: The Best Choice for Healing, Nature’s Cures, and Building Bone Vitality.

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