From Freezer to Table

75+ Simple, Whole Foods Recipes for Gathering, Cooking, and Sharing

By Polly Conner and Rachel Tiemeyer

On Sale: 9/12/2017
Category: Cooking
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Pages: 256

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About From Freezer to Table

Rachel Tiemeyer and Polly Conner were new moms, struggling to get dinner on the table each night, when they had a rude awakening: their families weren’t eating well, and they didn’t have a clue what to do about it. Most evenings, they were too frazzled to do anything but slide a frozen pizza or fish sticks in the oven. That’s when they had a breakthrough: what if they could stock their freezer with healthy, homemade food, rather than heavily processed food? Soon, they began gathering their friends to cook freezer-friendly meals together. They learned how to shop in bulk, cook larger quantities from scratch, stock their freezers with nutritious meals, and eventually made freezer cooking a lifestyle.

In From Freezer to Table, Rachel and Polly share the ultimate guidebook for transforming the way your family cooks, eats, and freezes. The chapters are packed with freezer cooking basics, practical tips for Freezer Cooking Parties or Freezer Clubs, and plenty of motivation and tools to make freezer cooking second nature in your home. With their 75+ simple, family-friendly recipes—all made from whole food ingredients—anyone can stock their freezer with wholesome favorites, like mixed berry scones, homemade chicken tenders, and slow-cooker carnitas. From Freezer to Table will help you reclaim your kitchen from unhealthy processed foods, while simultaneously saving your wallet, your waistline, and your time. Finally, you’ll be able to enjoy delicious, stress-free meals around the table with those you love most.

About the Authors

Rachel Tiemeyer and Polly Conner are the creators of Thriving Home, a food and lifestyle blog sharing the freezer cooking lifestyle, whole food recipes, and encouragement for families on the parenting journey. With three kids each and constantly strapped for time, Rachel and Polly are self-proclaimed “freezer cooking evangelists” who are passionate about equipping families to enjoy healthy, homemade meals around the table together. They live with their husbands and children in Columbia, Missouri.

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