Lose Your Final 15

Dr. Ro’s Plan to Eat 15 Servings A Day & Lose 15 Pounds at a Time

By Rovenia M. Brock

On Sale: 12/27/2017
Category: Diet + Weight Loss
Trim Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 304

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ISBN: 9781623368012

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About Lose Your Final 15

Lose 15 pounds in 15 days by eating 15 servings of food per day


Tired of diet plans that leave you hungry? Ready to ditch that juice cleanse? Popular doctor of nutritional sciences and weight-loss specialist Dr. Rovenia Brock has the answer.


Dr. Ro is the nutrition coach who helped Sherri Shepherd of The View lose more than 40 pounds and viewers of The Dr. Oz Show shed more than 5 million pounds. In Lose Your Final 15, she reveals her best-ever program to help you lose 15 pounds in 15 days by eating 15 servings a day.


Dr. Ro’s plan is divided into three 15-day phases. In each phase, you’ll enjoy 15 servings of food per day while learning to identify foods by their real serving size. You will then choose your 15 daily servings from 45 mouthwatering recipes like Black Bean Pasta with Shrimp in Red Curry Sauce and Melon and Prosciutto Breakfast Salad with Fried Egg, all developed by Dr. Ro to keep you satisfied and on track. Also included are easy, delicious 15-minute meals for those extra-busy days.


Beyond just a diet, Lose Your Final 15 includes 15-minute meditation guides and exercise plans that fit into any schedule. With Dr. Ro as your guide, you’ll experience newfound vibrancy, health, and happiness.

About the Author

Rovenia M. Brock, Ph.D., is an award-winning health journalist and television personality known for her easy-to-apply diet, fitness, and health tips for people of all ages. A leading nutritionist for two decades, she served as nutrition coach on The View, helping Sherri Shepherd lose more than 40 pounds. She also contributes to NBC’s Today show, The CBS Early Show, Good Morning America, and National Public Radio. Dr. Ro has been featured in O Magazine, Quick & Simple, Self, Ebony, Essence, The Dallas Morning News, Memphis Commercial Appeal and was recently named one of More magazine’s top 5 nutritionists. She holds a Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences from Howard University and is the author of Dr. Ro’s Ten Secrets to Livin’ Healthy. She lives in Gadsden, Alabama.


If you want to lose weight, but you’re overwhelmed by the idea of another diet, Dr. Ro has the answer for you! Learn more about her Final 15 Plan.

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