Women’s Health Easy Orgasm

Learn the Dirty Little Secrets to Guarantee Peak, Powerful Orgasms Every Time!

By Gillian Francella & the Editors of Women’s Health

On Sale: 6/9/2015
Category: Healthy Living
Trim: 6 x 9
Pages: 123

ISBN: 9781623366407

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About Women’s Health Easy Orgasm

Want to boost your odds of amazing sex, every time? Most of us would love our sex lives to be as steamy and satisfying as the thing of movies–but in reality, for most women, orgasms are elusive.

The majority of women don’t “O” every time they hit the sheets and there are plenty of surveys, studies–and personal experiences–to verify that. In fact here’s one: Research shows up to 60 percent of women admit to faking an Oscar-worthy orgasm between the sheets.

So, with the latest research and experts at their fingertips, the editors of Women’s Health are closing the orgasm gap by bringing you an easy-to-follow, too-good-to be-true, grown-up guide for better sex, Easy Orgasms.

Nothing is too taboo for the editors of Women’s Health–expert-backed and scientifically-based advice is carefully vetted to help you unleash your inner seductress, let your inhibitions loose, and get in tune with what you really want to empower the most electrifying orgasms every time you turn down the lights.

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